Christmas Greetings!

I hope this finds you enjoying the Christmas season and looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. I’ll be in London where folks wish each other “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” the way we do here in the USA. But “Happy” or “Merry” my wish for you is that you’ll have the gift of faith, the blessing of     read more

Casting Cares

 A bright red bucket, spiked with a rainbow of colored markers propped open the door of our meeting room. Next to it another bucket was filled with smooth, golf-ball-size rocks. What part, I wondered, would these play in the weekend retreat I was attending. ​My curiosity was quickly quenched as a member of the ministry team explained the rocks represented     read more

He is With Us – Always

  Are you going to send hard-copy Christmas cards this year?     Our first card arrived on December 1st! Wow! What punctuality. I’ll be lucky if the cards I do send arrive in time for New Year’s. But more impressive than the early arrival was the simple, yet profound message “Immanuel – God With Us.”     When I read or hear that word, “Immanuel,” I think of  God stepping out of heaven to be     read more