Hi! It’s National Lucky Penny Day!

  It started on the bus with the school bully. “What’s the matter,Penny? You’re mother so cheap she couldn’t name you nickle?” Then the chant began, caught on, and went on for days.. “One cent, one cent – nothing but a one cent.” My grandfather took one look at me and knew I was really hurting. When blue-eyed blondes cry     read more

7 Ideas For A Meaningful Memorial Day

Long weekend alert! The last Monday in May—Memorial Day—is just around the corner. What special meaning will it have for you? This may come as a shock, but do you know Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor and remember the men and women who have died in active military service?  It’s not a day set aside to     read more

What Do Mismatched Shoes Have To Do With Love?

I’ll bet you know last Thursday was The National Day of Prayer. But I bet you don’t know what last Wednesday was. It was National Two Different Colored Shoes Day   On Wednesday, as I was finishing up last minute details for Thursday’s National Day of Prayer event, notice of National Two Different Colored Shoes Day popped up on my     read more

Four Flames of Honor – A Tribute to Military Wives, 2017 Spouse Appreciation event

I’m honored to have been invited to participate in the 2017 Spouse Appreciation event to be held at Fort Gordon Army Base, Georgia, on May 12th . At the event, I will be reading the award-winning poem Four Flames of Honor – A Tribute to Military Wives taken from my book, Bounce! Don’t Break… during a candle lighting ceremony in which four     read more