I Got This!

Know any three year olds?  Then you also know the “Me do!” and “I don’t care what you say, I’m doing this my way,” lifestyle they live.   Example:  A tricycle ride this week from the car to the playground with my 3 year old grandson.   Line of sight route:  Uphill, across gravel, grass and sand. Prepared route: Flat,     read more

Watch and Pray

As we crowded in front of the TV listening to weather icon, Jim Cantore’s latest report on Hurricane Matthew, a song my three year old grandson sings in his Junior Jivers class came to mind. “God makes the sunshine, God makes the raindrops, God’s in charge of the weather.   He can make it wet or dry, He’s the Big     read more

Y Not Say No

    How often do you find yourself saying, “Yes” when what you really want to say  is, “No?” Does any of this sound familiar? Do you say “Yes” to: People who know all the right guilt buttons to push, and “Won’t take, ‘No’ for an answer.” That’s called manipulation and a power play. Projects you really don’t have time     read more