Sophie’s Red Flower. Praying For France!

After 9/11 a striking red flower was given to me by my friend Sophie who lives in Paris, France. It shares a special spot on my refrigerator door and is a daily reminder of my French friend. Eerily, it fell to the floor yesterday. Today, as the news of terror in France touches us all, I glue my flower back     read more

I Have a Flag

Hunley and Piper did not like the 4th of July fireworks! They did like the ice cubes from my Coca-Cola and the pretzels spilled in the grass.   I pray you had a safe and happy 4th of July and that you’ll enjoy reading my children’s poem published in Word Weavers “Let Freedom Ring” e-zine (that’s their e-mail magazine).  

Heart Guards

Heart Guards Just checking—how’s your heart today? I ask because, after feeling what was akin to having an outboard motor fire up inside my chest, I wasn’t so sure about mine.  I went to see my doctor and am now the proud owner of a 30 day—24 hour heart monitor. I hate it! The blinking lights give me the look     read more