Should I Stay or Should I Go?

You might be a Serial Line Switcher if you cannot overcome the desire to back up your buggy and bail the moment you see a cashier flip on the blinking light above her register and call for a price check, or if the words, “I can take someone over here,” causes your heart to race and begin an immediate three-point     read more

Trendy Engagement Parties

So, where is Martha Stewart when you need her? I have 30 or so guests coming for a “Bohemian Themed” engagement party and could really use some clever ideas for  turning my rather conservatively decorated home into something a little more trendy.  Fringed throws on the furniture?  Lots of potted plants and a roaming violin player? Maybe I could crank     read more

The Far-Reaching Effects Of Navy Sex-For-Secrets Scandal

  As I read the Washington Post report of an epic Navy sex-for-secrets scandal coming to light and the staggering corruption of high-ranking Navy officials being exposed in the U.S. Pacific’s 7th Fleet and beyond, I cringed with embarrassment. What an awful, shameful mess these men have created.  Their far-reaching actions have the prospect of tainting the reputation and authority     read more