What makes you happy?

What makes you smile? Chocolate, a great sale, a good book to read, lunch with friends, an all-inclusive vacation, climbing a mountain, learning something new…? Whatever it may be, and it’s different for all of us, it’s important to remember something about happiness. It’s fickle! Happiness is an emotion that changes as quickly as departure gates at the airport.  It     read more

I’m Not Who I Was

On a scale of 1 to 10—with ten being “Please, just stop,” and one being, “Sounds like something nice to say,” how would you rate saying, “Everything happens for a purpose,” as something useful to say to the parents of a child with autism?” In her blog, The Mighty, Kathy Hooven, the mother of an autistic son, shares 12 Great     read more

Read To Me—Again

Do you re-read books? I’ll bet you do.  Maybe not Marguerite Young’s Miss Macintosh, My Darling (a mere 1,198 pages!) but, if a child you spend any time with has a favorite picture book, I’ll bet you can recite the text, unprompted, with the inflexion and flow of a professional audible book artist. The mother of our two year old     read more

On Your Own

Have you ever been totally lost in unfamiliar territory and in need of help to find your way? I certainly have and my family lovingly refers to the previously undiscovered routes I take them on while trying to find my way as, “Tours by Goldie”—Goldie being my nickname for the moments of blonde dizziness I occasionally experience. As a chronic     read more