Chimney Chat

Lately it seems one thing keeps leading to another. The refrigerator needed a clean sweep, and after what could be composted was separated from the rest and put out for critters of various sorts to enjoy, there remained an item or two for the garbage disposal to gobble. With the flip of a switch, down they went—immediately followed by a     read more

Abundance In Pink By Cate M. McWayne

Doesn’t it feel great to give someone a truly extravagant gift? When I was a little girl I wanted to give my mother a mink coat with a diamond ring in the pocket. Somehow, my allowance never stretched far enough to make that dream a reality, But if it’s truly the thought that counts, then Mom received a double portion     read more

Share The Love

Do you like parties with a theme?  I do and, as my husband and son-in-law wrestled our Christmas tree back into its sturdy cardboard abode, the thought crossed my mind about how nice it might be to keep it up year-round.  After all, I’ve seen a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving Tree adorned with feathers and autumn ornaments at my local Hobby     read more