Have you ever lost your voice?  When colds and laryngitis cause sore and scratchy throats it can be hard to speak a single word and frustratingly difficult when people can’t hear or understand you.   Can you imagine the horror of waking one morning to discover you are completely mute and then remain that way for several months? This was     read more

It’s Always Something

When’s the last time you felt the earth move beneath your feet?  Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, while still reeling from the devastation of an epic ice storm, I felt it move when a 4.1 earthquake had us huddled beneath doorjambs. It ended quickly with only the crack in the patio a little wider than it had been before     read more

100 Books In A Year?

        Want to read more this year? Here are 10 great tips for reading 100 – that’s right 100 – books in a year from Christine Abraham of The Women’s Bible Café.   Tip #1 Never waste time!   Using my smartphone or iPad, I carry Kindle ebooks everywhere I go. The books synchronize to my     read more

4 Things To Stop Doing In 2016!

Is the beginning of the New Year bringing you comfort and joy or chaos and jangled nerves? As the pages of our calendars begin to fill, instead of focusing on what to do to be more successful, productive and reach the goals we’ve set for the New Year, how about focusing on what not to do.  o be successful, productive     read more