Mind The Gap!

How many packages are you expecting to arrive this week? I just received one. A canvas bag personalized for “Annie.” But I don’t know any “Annies,” and didn’t order a canvas bag. I’m waiting for a sweater…  That’s the bad news. The good news is—I have a confirmation number and I’m sure my sweater will arrive in plenty of time     read more

Sleeping With Bread

Have you heard the sleeping with bread story? It comes to life about the thousands of children orphaned and left to starve during the bombing raids of World War II when we visit relatives in England and Wales. Traumatized after experiencing the terror of bombings and abandonment, these children were rescued and sent to refugee camps where they received food     read more

Need A Smile?

Here’s a short and sweet thought for you to consider as you set the table for a family feast or gobble a cold turkey sandwich on the way to your second job. Thankfulness is what we feel. Thanksgiving is what we do. Have a blessed, Happy and joyful Thanksgiving!

A Surprising Stick of Comfort

      So, what do you do when you’re sitting in church, the message has been deeply moving, and you hear someone sobbing behind you? Ignore it and hope they stop. Pretend to ignore it—but quietly pray for them. Hope someone else sees them and brings them a tissue. Ask them if there’s anything you can do. When the     read more

Take A Breath…

Every day, somewhere in the world, parents and grandparents are waking up, feeling a bit tender-hearted after the wedding of a beloved child, with the lyrics of “Sunrise-Sunset” running through their minds. That’s been my world this week. So, to all you “left behinds,” the ones standing alone after the bride and groom have waved goodbye, the ones who pick     read more