Holiday Clumbsies!

It happens every year. Do-dahs placed where nothing used to be become knock-me-over magnets, open boxes of decorations with their pointy little corners bump and hurt me and I inevitably seem to burn myself roasting a turkey or baking a batch of cookies. Mysterious bruises appear on my body; usually in just the right spot to force a re-think of     read more

I’d Rather Eat Bugs!

On any given day, I’d rather eat bugs than go to the dentist! And, after a long weekend of meeting deadlines, an early Monday morning appointment had me feeling less than thankful for my dentist and I almost cancelled. But it was a good visit.  The elevator music was soothing, there were no cavities or other problems to report and,     read more

Beware of the Toxic Drama Queen!

 An excerpt from my latest book: Bounce! Don’t Break…             Do you have a friend who never seems to have a good day?  The sun could be shining, the birds could be singing and the price of regular gasoline could have just dropped to $1.00 a gallon but she would still be miserable and have     read more

Guest Blogger For Guideposts Military Blog!

This week I had the privilege of being a guest blogger for Guideposts Military Blog.  Thank you, Edie! When Christmas Came Before Halloween For one exhausted military wife, Christmas joy and comfort arrived early. The two small bags I carried that autumn felt as heavy as Santa’s sack on Christmas Eve as I made my way across the Navy Exchange     read more