Autumn Quilts

Ready or not, here they come! Once again the yard is slowly being quilted in a patchwork of yellow and red as the trees shed their leaves in obedience to autumn’s call. The John Deere will soon morph into a leaf eater and the drone of leaf blowers will again become familiar background noise. The change of seasons has arrived     read more

Five Ideas To Bounce With!

Remember playing with a Slinky?  Making my Slinky “walk” down a flight of stairs was a really cool thing to do – for about two minutes – and then it was boring. But walking down stairs wasn’t the only thing my Slinky did. Somehow, every time I finished playing with it inside, I wanted to go outside and play. I     read more

Need A Bit Of A Bounce Right Now?

tHave people been looking at you lately and asking, “What’s wrong?” Maybe you need a little help looking more cheerful.  Sorry, they don’t sell this in a jar.  But here’s something that will help!  Let me share with you five of the “Ten Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy!” recently posted on Life Buzz by two of my     read more

You’re A Winner

Have you ever completed and mailed in an official entry form for a Publisher’s Clearing House prize?  I bit once, sent in the form and then began receiving notice after notice to be completed in order to remain in the running.  By the time the $5,000 A Week For Life prize was awarded, to God knows who, I had watched     read more

Old Friends – New Friends

If you were ever a Brownie or Girl Scout you undoubtedly know how to sing a song in rounds. No campfire or car ride to the mall to sell cookies was ever complete without a song – and this one is a classic:   “Make new friends, But keep the old, One is silver and the other gold” What’s really     read more