Ready Yourself!

¿Hablas español? Even if you said, “what” or “nope” to that question, I’ll bet you speak more Spanish than you realize. How about, adios, grande and salsa to name a few? One of the first words I learned in Spanish was “mañana” which means “tomorrow.” I first heard it as a child in this little song: “Oh, the window she     read more

How To Untie Tough Knots

Have you ever noticed how necklaces, when left alone in the dark, invariably entwine themselves with all the other pieces of jewelry anywhere near them? Then, when you try to separate them, they transform themselves into necklace Rubik’s Cubes with impossible, knotty solutions! Were it not for my patient, fly-tying husband who actually seems to enjoy the challenge of righting     read more

50 Ways To Beat The Blues

With or without kids you can’t help but feel the stress of back-to-school days, and doesn’t watching summer end give us all a mild case of the blues? Shucks, just coping with the addition of yellow school buses in morning traffic and trying to figure out what to do with the expensive ferns you bought for your balcony will dial     read more

Keep On Shining!

This song has helped me with recent dark times and I hope my worship to Christ through this song helps you as well! Keep on shining!! I do not own the rights to this video, Music video by Jason Gray performing Glow In The Dark. (C) 2015 Centricity Music Please check out his channel here:     Please comment     read more