Start Looking Forward To Better Days

How good are you at stuffing?  I’m not talking about cornbread, nut, turkey or herb stuffing. I’m talking about emotional stuffing.  You know, that embarrassing experience that still makes you cringe each time you think of it and pray to God no one else remembers? Maybe it’s the pain of rejection.  I totally get that one .  As an author,     read more


What do you do when you’re feeling uncertain, anxious or afraid about what lies ahead? When I drive our rural South Carolina road during the day it is cathedral-like, canopied by live oaks that give the impression of traveling beneath a parasol of green lace. Night driving is different. Shrouded in darkness, the road becomes somber and ominous. The relaxation     read more

Not Every Vine’s A Good Vine

This morning the blue-white glow of a computer screen lit my office long before the rosy red fingers of dawn. It wasn’t until the phone “ping-pinged” with an incoming message that the realization struck me that the room had been overtaken by sunlight. Just as I was wondered why my husband and our dogs were nowhere in sight, I heard     read more

Sharing The Vision

What was the first thing you bought for yourself when you were old enough to earn a little money? For me it was contact lenses – lavender contact lenses because I had read somewhere that Elizabeth Taylor had lavender eyes and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. They looked absolutely ridiculous and as soon as     read more