Beauty from Burls

Author’s Note: In light of the horrific massacre that took place this past week in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charleston, South Carolina, I would like to share with you an excerpt from my book, Bounce! Don’t Break… scheduled for release this October. I pray it will be a comfort…   During a weekend getaway to the beach at Edisto, SC, I     read more

“Graduation… What Happens Next?”

“We are so proud of our granddaughter for reaching this milestone in her life and join our hearts and prayers with thousands of others seeking an answer to the question, “What happens now?”  We are all connected.   It’s the time of year where many celebrate graduation from high school. But for many individuals with autism, graduation day means asking     read more

Fill Up Your Trunk With Yard Sale Junk!

When the roof of a friend’s car was badly dented in a well forecasted hail storm, I asked, “Didn’t you know the storm was coming?” “Oh, yes, we knew,” they replied. “Well then, why didn’t you put the car in the garage?” “We couldn’t.  There’s not enough room in there for the car. If you are like my friends, one     read more