Old “Sorta” Faithful

What a disappointment!  We arrived at Yellowstone National Park eagerly anticipating the scheduled eruption of the famous geyser, Old Faithful. For my entire life I had heard that Old Faithful erupted, like clock-work, on the hour.  As  the time forecast for the next eruption neared, I gathered with the crowd, camera at the ready and waited. The time of the     read more

A Bounce Back Moment For Autism

“Can’t you control that child?” screamed a stranger at my daughter. “No,” I answered, “she can’t!” At that particular moment no one could control my severely autistic granddaughter who was having a complete melt down at the checkout counter of the grocery store. Why it was happening and how to make it stop was, like the disease, a puzzle that     read more

Monday After Mother’s Day

There was no one standing behind the checkout counter at the Hallmark store today.  The two employees were on the floor, sitting in front of a nearly empty card rack display reminding patrons to remember Mom on Mother’s Day.  When I teased them asking where the happy belated mother’s days cards were, the older of the duo sighed heavily and     read more

Lord, Hear Our Cry

Remember to pray this Thursday, May 7th, during National Day of Prayer 2015.         For the May 7th observances, Dr. Jack Graham, the 2015 Honorary Chairman, wrote a special prayer to be simultaneously read throughout the nation at noon (EDT).   Heavenly Father, We come to You in the Name that is above every name—Jesus Christ our Lord     read more