Trust and Obey

Don’t you hate it when you call home to see how someone is doing and they tell you they are about to be evacuated? Unless you live in the midlands of South Carolina, you probably missed hearing about the severe weather that set off household NOAA alert systems and blew a large tree across the railroad tracks about a mile     read more

Courage In A Cough Drop

Here in South Carolina we don’t just have a little pollen in the spring, we have clouds of yellow pine pollen filling the air that dusts our cars, rims our ponds with bands of yellow and, if you leave the screen door open covers every horizontal surface in the house.   The pollen remains until the blessing of rain cleans the     read more

A Bounce of Encouragement

I had finished speaking and was making my exit stage left when the coordinator of the Gals and Pals event called me back on stage.  I wondered what she had in mind … and what she had tucked inside the shiny gold gift bag she carried. What she said left me speechless which is not normally an easy thing to     read more