A Despicable Deception

Even before he had him netted and aboard, the captain was saying, “I don’t know, Penny, he’s a biggin’… might be over the limit.”  When the yardstick wouldn’t give an inch, I watched with dismay as my gorgeous 32” oversized redfish was laid aside our Cool Change Fishing Charter and released to swim across the flats of Homosassa, Florida. Not     read more

Look Back For A Bounce Back

  It’s OK to walk away from something that hurts you. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try or wish and pray the circumstances of life were different, they never change – and they never will… Those are the times when the best thing to do is turn the radio up and sing along with country/western singer JoDee Messina. “Bye-Bye     read more

When You Can’t Do It All

Is it better to arrive late – or ugly?  Arriving late is just another way of saying, “My schedule is more important that yours.” Arriving ugly is like wearing a sign that says, “You’re not worth the effort.” It is a terrible choice to have to make but one I annually seem to face shortly after Daylight Savings Time goes     read more

The Problem With Perfection

Breaking News!  We are not forsaken.  Spring really is coming! As far north as Massachusetts, daffodils have been seen poking up through the soil and snow – and we have to love them.  They are the flowers that never wait for everything to be perfect before they take action. Their motto seems to be:  If you don’t do it, you’ll     read more