May Your Jar Overflow!

I came across this wonderful idea for 2016 on my Facebook page and want to share it with you as we begin this New Year.  May your jar overflow!             Please take a minute to listen to my New Year’s prayer song that I thought you may enjoy.  

Instant Attitude Adjuster!

So you’re feeling like Mother of The Grinch and about as festive as a headless piñata. Here’s how to change that – instantly! Stand up, straight and tall, and put a big smile on your face. (It’s OK if it’s just a phony-baloney, plastic smile – just do it.)  Take some deep, strong breaths and stretch your arms into the     read more

Pregnant With Hope

We barely made it!  Our arrival in London was five days past our daughter’s due date and I was really sweating it.  But God was gracious and Madelaine Sophronia patiently delayed her arrival until the morning after Grandma and Grandpa were there and then hurried home to be with us the very same evening. As we basked in the joy     read more

Parable of the Diamond Earring

The front door was open, our cab was waiting outside and the family was calling for me. I tucked my handbag under my arm and hurriedly leaned in toward the mirror to fasten the second of my earrings. Before I could say, “Oh no!” the platinum and diamond bobble slipped from my fingers, made one quick circle of the sink     read more