An Unexpected Gift

I felt pretty good about myself as I packed the car with my books and presentation materials for the trip to Ridgeland, SC and a Lowcountry Lt. Dan Weekend, “a community based event supporting some of the most severely injured troops from Iraq and Afghanistan”.  I would be spending a couple of days at Palm Key, SC with the children     read more

Christmas Creep Into Summer

Have you seen them?  Not far from the Back-To-School clearance bins, just past the Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving place mats, Christmas decorations have begun to appear.  It’s really nothing new.  The Season of Christmas was hijacked by retailers years ago, but the slow creep of Christmas into late summer still irks me.  It’s just plain tacky to see a Christmas     read more

And The Winners Are!

Congratulations to:1. Kimberly Noah2. Carolyn Nava 3. Joy Clark 4. Cate McWayne 5. Laurie Skinner 6. Dixie Culbreath 7. Gail Moroney 8. Latrelle Cyree 9. Lynda Edwards 10. Anne Watson 11. Doris O’Brien 12. Jacqui Booth 13. Jane Kienieger 14. Benita Miller Your posted comments during the End The Summer Blues Contest has won you a sunny, summery pen to     read more