Do You Ever Wake Up Crying?

Sometimes, when my grief is so deep that even the bliss of sleep cannot ease the aching of my heart, I awake with tears in my eyes. Sometimes, when the world has wailed with agony over civilian planes disappearing without a trace and being blown from the sky; When precious medical missionaries in Liberia are fighting for their lives after     read more

Helping Others Bounce Back

Armed with a chainsaw, axe rope and emergency provisions, our son Beau traveled from Annapolis, Maryland to Johns Island, SC praying he would find our home still standing after hurricane Hugo blasted its way across the South Carolina coast. A continent and ocean away, with gentle Hawaiian trade winds stirring the air of our quarters in Pearl Harbor, thankful tears     read more

Sing A Song

How did you learn your ABC’s?  I would be willing to venture the Alphabet Song had something to do with it and may still be a ready reference when you are forced to quickly recall that “Q” follows “P” not “R”. Song has long been employed in education and today is no exception. Nearly every toy the toddlers in our     read more