Back To School Blues & Empty Nest

“I can’t wait until all you kids are out of here!” My mother used to say that and today I wonder if she ever missed us once her dream came true.  If she did, she never said so… Fast forward to this past week and a huge family gathering at the beach where one of my daughters shared she recently     read more

Sometimes We Need To Let People Suffer

Have you ever prayed and prayed for someone you deeply care for in need of a serious life-style change with no apparent results? Your heart breaks and your faith falters as prayers seemingly go unanswered and you helplessly watch them sink deeper into the darkness of destructive behavior. There is not a whole lot harder to watch and endure. I     read more

Acing the Interview

In the days following my being fired, I spent the necessary time licking wounds and setting my self-worth back on its normal roller coaster.  With a genuine “Hallelujah!” for my pending interview, I began preparing for the big day with a close look at my wardrobe. I was in desperate need of something without toner stains on the cuffs or     read more

After The Cardboard Box Is Unpacked

There I was, alone in my apartment with the nearly unpacked cardboard box I had been summarily handed to clean out my work space the day I was fired and was holding the company mug that changes color when filled with a hot liquid when two thoughts crossed my mind.  One was how much damage it would cause if I     read more

Where Were You On Tuesday?

If the road to hell is really paved with good intentions I would be in some serious trouble were it not for the grace of God! I intended to post, as promised, “5 Simple and Effective Ways to Bounce Back After The Cardboard Box From Work Is Unpacked” this past Tuesday but, the dog ate my paper. OK. The dog     read more