Does Prayer Really Work?

In 13 days millions of Americans will unite at more than 42,000 locations from coast to coast to pray during our National Day of Prayer. This year’s event is titled: One Voice, United in Prayer” based on Romans 15:6. Here in Edgefield County, South Carolina the people of God will join with their fellow Americans in prayer for our government     read more

Great Moving Tips!

Springtime is moving time and moving is the 2nd most stressful event in our lives, second only to the death of a spouse! Why? Because everything changes when you move! Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are sent into overload. To help with some of that stress, here are Three Great Tips For Moving from the Blooming Where You     read more

Thanks for Your Time

My dear friend of many years, Sharon Fuqua, sent the story below to me and I want to share it with you. Sharon and I used to live next to each other on barrier islands along the coast of South Carolina. Her home was on Kiawah Island; mine was on Seabrook Island. If you hurried and if the tide was     read more