A Sample Piper Tales: “So, What Happens Now?”

Last week we left Piper with Bill, a rising 8th grader at Whitman Academy in Sandy Clay, SC, and Bill’s paralyzed father, Sanford, whose health appears to be failing. Every day since her husband’s return home from the hospital after the accident that paralyzed him from the waist down, Lynn Shellet faced problems most people never even consider when they     read more

A Sample Piper Tale: “Rising 8th Graders”

Last week (before the ice storm that shut us in and the Valentine’s Day earthquake that shook us up) Piper was rescued from a storage shed where he had been locked up by members of Dillon Doskey’s gang. Piper was immediately recognized by Dr. Bagton when farmer Fletcher’s farm hand, Alfredo, carried him, nearly unconscious, into his veterinary clinic. Shortly     read more

Piper’s Latest Adventure

The Kindness of a Stranger Last week, as Piper lay helplessly trapped in a tool shed weak from hunger and thirst, he heard the sound of an approaching tractor and someone’s footfalls nearby. When, for one reason or another, every long-distance attempt at managing his aging mother’s property and healthcare had failed, Alfredo Ramirez made the decision to move to     read more

This Crazy Thing Called Love

Dr. Karl Menninger, the famous psychiatrist and founder of the Menninger Clinic, once said, “Love is the medicine for our sick old world. If people can learn to give and receive love, they will usually recover from their physical or mental illness.” Ah, the big “IF”… “IF people can learn to give and receive love…” “IF” is always a problem.     read more