An Unexpected Gift

I felt pretty good about myself as I packed the car with my books and presentation materials for the trip to Ridgeland, SC and the 2011 Lowcountry Lt. Dan Weekend, “a community based event supporting some of the most severely injured troops from Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Hunting The Good Stuff

I will never forget hearing Elisabeth Elliott speak to missionaries gathered at Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador. Perhaps you know her story told in the 2007 movie End Of The Spear. Elisabeth Elliott was a mother of nine months, married just three years when her husband, Jim, was killed in the Ecuadorian jungle attempting to make missionary contact with the     read more

Thanking Dad the Write Way

I cannot remember the name of the shop but I know exactly how to get there! Affectionately known as the “excuse me card shop” for the continual, softly spoken apologies passed between patrons along the narrow, completely overstocked aisles, a visit to this store is a must each time I am in the Washington, DC area.

This past week’s visit was particularly interesting as Father’s Day cards were on display not far from the clever “thank you” notes I had been seeking. I could not help but overhear a woman say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that? These cards are amazing!”